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With the continuous and sizable growth in the automobile and architectural sectors during the past decade the demand for accurately cut,well processed and properly tempered glass has also been increased, however, still there is a wide gap between demand and the supply of processed glass which leaves room for many people to make an entry into tempered glass business.

We provide consultancy also for those who want to make their entry into this field.

The journey begins with a first step which can turn into a giant leap. You need not bother about your technical know how and skills because we are with you to provide you all technical support and guidance to get your plan realized. Share your dream with us and together we will make it a reality with utmost care and honesty.


There can be numerous ways at the entry level depending upon the client's budget. Since we have ample experience and expertise in setting up glass tempering plants and allied machinery we can provide every possible support and guidance to our clients in taking wise and lucrative decision regarding their systematic and elaborated plan of entry simultaneously taking into consideration various factors like capital investment, land, strategic location and sales etc.

There are many ways to start and get into the tempered glass business:

  • Initially by establishing a glass pre-process unit which will need small to medium budget machines such as cnc glass cutting machine, dry and wet grinding machines, flat edging machine for architectural glass, drilling machines and washing machine.
  • By establishing a glass tempering plant which requires a horizontal glass tempering machine in addition to all pre-processing machines as stated above.
  • By establishing a complete glass processing plant with in house tempering, lamination, autoclaving, double glazing (for insulating glass) facilities to provide the customer a complete glass solution under a single roof.